Şafak,İ., Hızal, E., Okan, T., Kececioğlu, T., Işık, C., Acar, S. 2013. Objectives and Activities of the Hunter Associations. International Caucasian Forestry Symposium (24-26 October 2013) Abstract Book, Artvin-TURKEY. s:88.




objectıves and actıvıtıes of the Hunter assocıatıons

Hunters are one of the direct beneficiaries and interest groups that organized under hunter associations. Hunter Associations usually operate in relating to realize hunting activities. At the same time they contribute to game and wildlife management working on habitat regulation, game production, wildlife protection, wildlife inventory and planning, controlling and education of hunters inadequately. For this reason, game and wildlife management must collaborate with hunter associations to implement its own decisions.

The aim of this study is to determine objectives and activities of hunter associations in the context of game and wildlife resources. In the research, survey was conducted with the managers of hunter associations. Totally sixty managers participated to the survey. Twenty-one of these managers participated in Bursa, twenty-one of them participated in Balıkesir and eighteen of them joined in İstanbul.


In the study, thirty questions were asked to associations’ managers to determine their purposes and activities, number of memberships and incomes. Nine-point Likert Scale was used in some questions to determine importance level of managers’ thinking on the issue.


Key Terms: hunters' associations, hunting, game and wildlife, Balıkesir, Bursa, İstanbul